David Toledano

Past Awards

Innovative Applications in Analytics Award: Third Place
Winning material: GE Uses Real-Time Data to Forecast Near-Term Hospital Throughput and Bed Needs

Peter Katlic, Kunter Akbay, Onur Dulgeroglu, Christopher Johnson, Bex Thomas, Angela Patterson, Dan Yang, Andrew Day, Jeff Terry, and Keith O’Reilly, GE Research


The caregivers and administrators in hospitals make complex patient flow decisions throughout the day to manage admissions from Emergency, Surgery and elsewhere into a scarce supply of inpatient beds, with relatively little decision support to identify those likely to be over-subscribed. In partnership with the Mount Sinai Medical Center (MSMC) in New York, we are prototyping a novel whole-hospital forecasting system which accurately estimates patient flow movements and bed shortages over the next 24 hours and displays operational feedback through interactive dashboards. Our system utilizes real-time data and historical patterns within a discrete-event simulation to currently achieve in excess of 98% accuracy on forecast census at the hospital level.

Daniel H. Wagner Prize for Excellence in the Practice of Advanced Analytics and Operations Research: Finalist
Winning material: Automated Bed Assignments in a Complex and Dynamic Hospital Environment