Jonathan Owen

Past Awards

George E. Kimball Medal: Winner(s)
2023 - Winner(s)

Jonathan Owen, Ph.D., CAP, is director of the Advanced Analytics Center of Excellence and chief scientist for OR/MS and Analytics at General Motors. He has volunteered substantial service and leadership in a variety of capacities at INFORMS. He served on INFORMS Board of Directors as Vice President of Practice Activities, advocating for stronger collaborative ties between the academic and practitioner communities. He represented GM on the INFORMS Roundtable for 14 years and has served 7 years on its Board of Directors, including two terms as president. He played a pivotal role in implementing the Certified Analytics Professional program. Owen has also been active in promoting the public understanding of contributions to society made by the OR/MS profession.  

Owen’s awards include the 2005 Franz Edelman Award, INFORMS Prize, Daniel H. Wagner Prize finalist, IISE Outstanding Middle Career IE Leadership Award for Business/Industry, SME Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award, among others. He was inducted as an INFORMS Fellow in 2018 and IISE Fellow in 2023. He is an eight-time recipient (the most ever awarded) of GM’s “Boss” Kettering Award for outstanding innovations, which have provided substantial benefit to GM and serve as excellent examples of OR/MS real-world impact.

INFORMS Elected Fellows: Winner(s)

Daniel H. Wagner Prize for Excellence in the Practice of Advanced Analytics and Operations Research: Finalist

Franz Edelman Award: Winner(s)

Using operations research to achieve one of its signature benefits—greater efficiency—GM has saved over $2 billion through improved productivity at 30 assembly plants in 10 countries.

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